Chicken services


Caring for sick fowl or flocks through medical and surgical treatment. 

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cow Services


Excelling at dairy and beef advanced reproductive techniques, medicine, and involved surgeries. 

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Equine Services


Advanced, portable, digital x-ray and ultrasonic imaging. Offering dental, medical, reproductive, and routine surgical care. 

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Exotic Animal Services


Experienced with the medical and routine surgical care of exotic large animals. 

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Goat Services

Sheep and Goats we love them both. If you need it done, we can do it! Reproductive, medical, and sur

Goats are great! We offer a wide array of reproductive, medical and surgical knowledge and talent. 

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Pig Services


Whether you have a pet Pot Belly Pig or a swine herd we can serve your pig with extensive medical and surgical knowledge. 

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Alpaca/Llama services


We offer comprehensive medical and basic surgical care for camelids. 

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Sheep Services

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Sheep are Sweet!  We offer a wide array of reproductive, medical and surgical knowledge and talent.    

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Service Territory


Traveling the Northeast providing superior large animal medicine 

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